Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Pin or Assign Programs for easy access

Want to keep your programs within easy reach? Windows XP lets you customize the Start menu and task bar so you can launch your favorite programs whenever you want them. No more searching for your favorite programs; you can easily pin, or assign, programs to the Start menu. Or you can use the Quick Launch bar as a way to keep other programs at your fingertips; ready to go at the click of the button. You can also place convenient shortcut icons on your desktop. Shortcut icons provide instant links to important files, folders, and other applications - even your printer and Internet connection - with a touch of your mouse. Here's how to pin a program to the Start menu. As an example, we'll pin the Windows XP Calculator program to the Start menu.

Pin Calculator to the Start menu
1. Click Start, and then click All Programs.
2. Click Accessories and point to Calculator.
3. Right-click Calculator and click Pin to Start menu.
4. Click anywhere on the desktop to quit the Start menu.

That's all there is to it. The above works for any program on your computer, putting those programs on the Start menu until you decide to remove them.