Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Clean Computer Keyboard

If you are using just a damp cloth to wipe the screen, be sure to dry it off as well to prevent streaking. When cleaning the Computer monitor casing use a soft cloth with your cleaning fluid. Always spray onto the cloth, not the equipment! Turn the keyboard upside down and shake so loose dust, dirt, and food crumbs will fall out. Spray between the keys with compressed air or vacuum the keyboard. For hard to remove stains such as ink, use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol saturated wipe.

Let those nasty little keys soak for a bit. Once you are finished cleaning the keyboard proper, dry the keys using a lint-free rag or towel. This will remove any remaining filth. Next, place them on a towel. The inner spaces will still need to air dry for awhile – NEVER put wet keys back onto the keyboard. Water has a Jihad out on circuitry. Be patient; you’re halfway clean keyboard. ed outside will suffice. You may need a toothpick for sludge scraping. Run cotton balls (I use swabs for the tight spaces) damp with isopropyl alcohol along the rows and around the rest of the keyboard, including the palm rests, large keys, and outer edges. Squeeze excess fluid out of the cotton before application, and never apply the alcohol directly to the keyboard.