Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook to Challenge Google Supremacy

Facebook to Challenge Google SupremacyIf we want to search for something we go to Google right? But now 2011 seems going to be change for the King of Search Engines. Facebook is challenging Google’s supremacy on the Internet with a radically different approach to how people live, work, play and search online. While Google delivers search results selected by algorithms that take into account a user’s Web history, Facebook boasts a richer level of personalization based on one’s own “likes” and the recommendations of Facebook friends. Mark Zuckerberg refers to it as the “social graph.” He said that when you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about they tend to be more engaging.

It includes not only what you do and what you like but people you know and what they like and the companies you interact with. Social media is an increasingly important part of how you reach people and it’s a growing part of every marketer’s budget. The idea is you do not want to fight Facebook, you want to embrace Facebook and leverage Facebook because this is where people are going to spend increasing amounts of time”.

According to online tracking firm comScore, Google receives more unique monthly visitors than Facebook but visitors to Facebook spend more time at the site than they do on Google properties. Since early 2010, Facebook has been rolling out features which put it on a collision course with Google. Facebook has also been facing off with Google on the hiring front. They’ve become competitive in some areas, but it’s not that Facebook has grown at Google’s expense or that Facebook is growing and Google is shrinking. Facebook’s growth is not necessarily a bad thing for Google. It’s not necessarily to Google’s disadvantage that Facebook is growing. Google is not going away, Google, in fact, I think is going to benefit from the emergence of social media.