Friday, May 6, 2011

How to increase internet speed

Test your Internet connection speed. You can do this by going to one of these speed test websites: or Record your results. Compare the speeds from step one and step two. If your getting the speed your paying for go no further.

Disable web-browser Add-ons that can slow down your Internet connection speed. Check to see if you have multiple web browser Add-ons operating with your browser. For example, if your web browser is Internet Explorer, go to Tools, select Manage Add-ons, and look at what Add-ons are enabled. Disable the ones you do not want to use.

Download TCP Optimizer software to optimize your computers MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) values, RWIN (Receive Window) values, and broadband related registry keys. The most popular and FREE TCP Optimizer that I found is called "SG TCP Optimizer". You can download it at CNET: or at PCWORLD:,68524-order,1-page,1/description.html.

Retest your Internet connection speed by going to one of these speed test websites: or Record and compare these results with the results obtained from steps one and two.