Friday, May 6, 2011

NTC to start broadband equipment test

The anticipated triple-digit growth in broadband subscribers requires better quality services. So to ensure that the telecom players deliver their promised internet speed to their subscribers, the state telecom regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission, will start the rollout of its broadband equipment test this month.

Initially, the broadband speed test equipment will be deployed in Metro Manila and other selected provinces to know if the telecom companies deliver at least 80 percent of their promised internet speed to their subscribers. Because broadband in the Philippines is still in the infancy stage, with about 3 million subscribers, the NTC has been receiving numerous complaints on the poor quality internet services of telcos.

So to address this issue, the NTC will rollout the broadband test equipment and will issue a memorandum circular on broadband speed which mandates the telecom to disclose the minimum broadband speed they delivers to subscribers.

The NTC will get the latest software they ordered in early May, then after undergoing training, NTC personnel will operate the equipment that will be deployed in selected areas. The equipment amounted between P5 million to 6 million. It will rolled out in Metro Manila first.

Last year, the NTC has issued a draft memorandum circular on broadband speed. Under the memorandum order, NTC mandates the telecom providers to disclosed their minimum broadband speed and deliver at least 80 percent of their promised speed. The final circular was expected to be released after the regional hearing in Cebu and Davao this month according to NTC.

Globe Telecom Inc, the country’s second largest telecom firm said that their network is ready for the test, given the continues improvement of their network specially on broadband to deliver superior services to its subscribers.